Company introduction

We are The Garnet Co., Ltd., a company that values people and nature first.

Citizens living in the 21st century are living in a very rapid change in all areas of housing, food, and business.

As a result, we have lived in convenience, but our lives are threatened by fine dust, air & environmental pollution and new viruses.

At this point, TheGarnet promises to provide a comfortable breathing space for our living space, workplaces, restaurants, leisure, and even our pets, and to make efforts to create a more pleasant sanitary safe zone.

In addition, we encourage you to experience safe sterilizers that protect your health and our nature from all kinds of harmful bacteria & viruses, as well as quarantine services in your living space.

Thank you.


100 Paros Plaza A-Dong 202 in

Nangok-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul
Directions 50m Shinsegae Mart 2nd floor across from Sinlim Welfare Center or Nangok Bus Terminal Parking information, A-Dong Parking Lot (B1)
Hours of operation Weekdays 09:00 to 18:00 (Saturdays and holidays are closed)
Representative number 1544-5373