Disinfection and Discharge Cases

Due to COVID-19, cleanliness management of spaces where unspecified groups gather is essential. We have started bus quarantine, which is the foot of citizens, from April 2020.

To make citizens feel more relieved, we are doing it 4 times a day (2 times morning, 2 times afternoon) with disinfectant that return to water 30 to 60 seconds after quarantine and has no skin irritation.

Also, ``Mega Study,`` a major Korean college entrance exam specialist, chose PureMedi.

They are constantly using our products and working hard to create a safer environment for our students to study in.

Many daycare centers are also using our quarantine service so that children with weak immune systems can play in safe places.

They regularly use disinfection and quarantine services to make sure that children’s spaces, toys, appliances and toilets are more secure.