Is it really safe without irritation?

Strong Acid 2.0~2.7 Weak Acid 2.7~5.0
Skin 4.5~6.0 Microacid 5.0~6.5
Tap Water 5.8~8.6 sodium hypochlorite (lax) 11.0~12.0
1. Microacid hypochlorous acid is a pH of an acidic state similar to human skin.

2. It has excellent sterilization effect compared to other disinfectants, but has no irritation in the human body.

3. Safe to touch or drink by mistake.

4. An eco-friendly substance that is safe in the human body and is returned to water after discharge, even though it has a sterilizing effect of 80 to 120 times that of Lax.

※ Microacid hypochlorous acid is no irritation and safe since chlorine is quickly removed and does not remain on the skin. So make sure you need to check pH when you choose a sterilizer! check and choose this!