Keep Living Space Clean

1. Cleaning the bathroom & toilet,, deodorizing, sterilizing the toothbrush2. Keep your beddings and closets clean.3. Eliminate germs and fungi4. Keep the tableware, cutting board, dishcloth clean, and remove old stains from the pan.5. Eliminate the stench of shoes and shoe rack6. Eliminate stains, sweat stains on clothes7. Sterilization of hand-held electronic devices, such as cell phones and computer keyboards

Hygiene and Cleanliness Management of Hospitals

1. Cleaning the toilet in the hospital2. Disinfection of beddings, such as patient mats, blankets, and pillows3. Tableware cleaning in restaurants, fresh food cleaning4. When washing baby items such as baby clothes, diapers, and handkerchiefs.5. Sterilization of baby bottle tableware6. Space sterilization of patients, such as hospital rooms7. Hand disinfection

Cleanliness Management around children, such as daycare centers and kids cafes

1. Hand sterilization2. Disinfecting places where many people come in and out, such as doors and doorknobs.3. Maintaining and sterilizing toilet cleanliness and deodorizing4. Disinfection of tables, chairs, utensils, and food ingredients in a restaurant5. Disinfection of toys used with other children6. Periodic space sterilization

Cleanliness management of multi-use facilities such as yoga and fitness clubs

1. Managing the cleanliness of goods used by many people, such as yoga mats, various instruments, and lockers2. Managing the cleanliness of shower rooms used by several people

Keeping pets clean

1. Sterilization of pet’s bowl, water bottles, etc.2. Toilet, pad deodorization3. Disinfection of skin disease areas and ears and disinfection of contaminated body parts after going out

Hygiene Management of Food Factory

1. For cleaning and final rinsing of fresh food2. Maintaining cleanliness of factories and sterilizing equipment3. Sterilizing the space

Prevention of infectious diseases and maintenance of cleanliness in food service providers

1. Sterilization of tableware2. Disinfection of tables and chairs3. Maintaining the freshness of fresh food4. Sterilizing the space

Maintenance of cleanliness of accommodations

1. Sterilizing the bathroom and toilet2. Sterilizing bedding in a room3. Sterilizing the space