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The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that every 1°C rise in average temperature increases the likelihood of an epidemic occurring by 4.7%.

It is said that if global warming creates a breeding environment for malignant viruses, there is a high possibility of variant viruses.

In addition, numerous germs and viruses in fine dust, which are becoming more serious as the years go by, are the main causes of all kinds of diseases.

Environmental changes such as the destruction of the ecosystem and global warming caused by the expansion of mankind are fueling the emergence of new viruses.
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Global status of 'COVID-19' confirmed cases

The invisible war against COVID-19 that is engulfing the world...

Confirmed cases 103,409,390
comfirmed deaths 2,237,971

Unit: people / As of 2 p.m. 2 FEB, 2021

Country Confirmed Cases Mortality rate / Comfirmed Deaths
U.S. 26,213,140 1.7%(441,214)
India 10,766,245 1.4%(154,486)
Brazil 5,545,705 1.4%(154,486)
Russia 9,229,322 2.4%(225,099)
U.K. 3,839,520 2.8%(106,646)
Russia 3,825,739 1.9%(72,456)
France 3,190,706 2.4%(76,128)
Spain 2,822,805 2.1%(59,081)
Italy 2,560,957 3.5%(88,845)
Turkey 2,485,182 1.1%(26,117)
Germany 2,232,327 2.6%(58,059)
Colombia 2,104,506 2.6%(54,272)

Early Mortality from Air Pollution

If Korea does not properly deal with air pollution, it will be the most likely member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to die of related diseases within 50 years, according to a report.
The pollutants analyzed are ozone and ultrafine dust (PM2.5)

Microinjection Space Sterilizaion

Disinfecting 99.99% to invisible places with microinjection space sterilization!

It is essential not only for sterilization for human space but also for pets that have weaker immune systems than humans and are more sensitive to harmful bacteria.

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